He made it clear that he didn't like the food.

The island is six times the size of Manhattan.

Their purpose is to help the poor in any place where they live.

How much more food is there?

A clock must be above all correct.

Norbert ran his fingers through his hair.

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Biodiversity is declining rapidly throughout the world.

I didn't mean to upset you.

Jarl enrolled in night classes at a local college.


I appreciate all you've done.

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Shall we live here or there?


Industrialization often goes hand in hand with pollution.

You've got plenty of time.

I can't agree with you on this point.

Srinivas asked me who my French teacher was.

John testified concerning him.

Annie understands Chinese.

I was so sure this was what I wanted.

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The scolars quarrel, and the case lies still unsolved in the hands of the judge.

I would die for Hazel.

"She invited me over for coffee." "Did you go?" "I don't like coffee."

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We're probably going to clash a lot as we're both heavily opinionated people. However, if we can both respect each other, things should blow over smoothly. They could possibly turn out quite nicely even.


What atrocities do we not perpetrate in the name of culture and refinement!

I would rather work for any company than waste another year.

That was the first time I drove a car.

Sometimes, we don't know if we are in love.

Mickey used his secluded cabin in the woods as a getaway from his hectic life as a company director.


I have just been to Ueno station to meet Kenji.


Take it down a notch, Bob.

I talk like this 'cause I can back it up.

The bush is burning.


"Mickey will probably be late." "Yes, that's a possibility."

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I love lasagna.

You will be washed.

I don't know. It all happened in an instant.

No one can deprive of your human rights.

There is going to be a game between Waseda and Keio today.

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

I've got a wife and child.

I respect those who always do their best.

Isaac stopped it.

Jurevis ran over a passerby then flew the scene.

Which subject do you like best?


The whole place was covered in snow.

The meat's gone bad.

He has a doctor's degree in psychology.

We had hoped that the rain would stop before noon.

Who is your wife?

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Mario needs a new exhaust system for his car.

You plugged the SATA cable to a different slot.

He was not at home, as is often the case with him.

Srinivasan told me something nobody else was willing to tell me.

This is Professor Oak, the director of this experiment.


But fun is not enough.

It's not Christmas today.

I love my yellow pullover very much.


What are polymers?


I think that's him.


Paula has an uncle who works in Boston.

Does this medicine actually help?

Srivatsan and Lance were among the ones who didn't come.

I'm sure she will come.

I swear I wasn't there.

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We will first ascertain the cause of the disaster.


You can't die if you're already dead.

Many years ago, I visited the center of Hiroshima.

Tao had to live with the consequences of his actions.

My wife asked me to throw this old hat away.

Don't be such a crybaby.

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The police looked into that incident.

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Do you want fruit?


Leith came running into the living room.

Sergio wasn't seriously wounded.

They ran away from school.

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Is there anything else you want from me?

Almost all the students like English.

My pastor and I don't see eye to eye on the question of the literal interpretation of the bible.

You have a wife, don't you?

How was the audition?


Your liver is doing fine.


Damone's wounds have healed.

I guess I could ask Ricardo to help.

Vicki had no friends to play with.

My daughter likes Charlie.

That president's secretary is always prim.

Hillary doesn't want to talk to you now.

We talked quietly so we wouldn't wake the baby.


The student's cheating was easily caught out.

Her condition is much better today.

That applies to him too.

I'm not a bad mother, just a busy one.

I just got home from school.


George is busy, and so am I.

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I looked at my watch and noted that it was past five.

Suzanne handed Jong a towel.

Start counting.


He turned down their invitation.


Have you ever been punched in the face?

Is it true that Tigger and Laurence are dating?

She was moved to tears.

He was equal to the job.

I eat an apple.

Let's do Ruth a favor.

Have you talked to Jan about this?

Is eating fish good for you?

Alexander can't afford to buy a yacht.

Jimmy seems very full of himself.

A watched pot never boils.

Get out from wherever you are.

Can I get you a refill?

Clark liked me well enough.

He does not have to do this.


He has twice as many books as I do.


That's a pretty good suggestion.


Don't you know that he passed away two years ago?


Saqib always has a smile on her face.

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We appreciate the warning.


Beckie is doing just fine.


He has unrealistic standards.

Maybe you could talk to him.

His statement really cut me.


Who's got time for that?

How did they find out about you?

Let's dance.

We had to make the best of our small house.

He ate twice as much as I did.

I'll make you sandwiches!

Did you get the eggs?

Western standard of living in Hungary - but when?

We work at the same hospital.


Guido should be here any minute.

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We must sow the seeds of mutual understanding.


Ask Debi if he can speak French.

I want to arrive at Kennedy Airport early in the afternoon.

The table can be placed over there for now.


Shut your mouth.

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You must not shout at him.


It's a beautiful day outside.

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He took up his quarters in the inn.

My girlfriend works at a language school and loves it very much.

How's the work going?

He is at work now, but will be coming home at seven.

At times, he suffered from a painful headache.


My son is working hard on the field right now.

I can't believe I actually have that much money in the bank.

Spencer wasn't there this morning.

Sedovic was an honest man.

I'm not in the mood for this.

She suddenly became famous.

It was a dire situation.

How long have you two known each other?

The government doesn't invest much in education.

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Kylo has nothing to hide.